Looking For the Candy Jewel Factory This Christmas?

The Candy Jewel Factory is proving to be popular for young girls this Christmas, with sets being snapped up in stores and online. It’s easy to see why the Candy Jewel Factory is so sought after right now, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to make their own sweet treats? With this fun and educational play set, children are able to do just that.

For the best experience with your factory play set, be sure to check out the reviews of this particular toy that are so easy to come across online. This much sought after play set comes packed with everything young children need to start making their own candy jewels, including supplies and the ‘oven’.

What the set does not include is the 40w bulb that is essential to make your candy jewels with. make sure you purchase a 40w bulb from a good household stockist before you try to use this play set correctly.

Make sure that the instructions are followed step by step to ensure your candy is cooked correctly. Adult supervision may be required to use this set properly. Refills are available for this play set from the manufacturers, namely Girl Gourmet, the people who brought us last year’s big hit Cupcake Maker, meaning users are able to make more and more sweet treats.

Create your colourful and tasty treats and thread them onto licorice for candy you can wear! Remember, make sure candy Jewels are only had as treats to ensure good dental health in young children. Girl Gourmet cookery toys are proving to be popular for Christmas, but do read the reviews that are available online, to ensure that you get the most out of your Candy Jewel Factory toys this holiday season.