Jewel Alchemy Lite

Jewel Alchemy Lite

Leaderboards: Yes
Multiplayer: No
Achievements on free version: Yes
Game Center compatible: Yes (high score based, no real time multiplayer)
Formats: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Makers: Youngil HI-TECH Inc
Size: 32.9 MB


Time Attack


Blue Topaz – Blue Topaz has the power to increase strength (14 points)
Garnet – Garnet is said to give the wearer victory, chastity, truth and fidelity (13 points)
Amethyst – Amethyst is thought to impact clarity of mind, health, luck (12 points)
Aquamarine – The aquamarine is said to give courage, victory and confidence (11 points)
Diamond – Diamonds are also the symbol of love (14 points)
Emerald – Emerald is said to represent hope, success and rebirth (13 points)
Peridot – Peridot is believed to help with nightmares, bring prosperity (11 points)
Sapphire – Sapphire is said to preserve the wearer from envy (10 points)
Citrine – Citrine is said to protect the wearer against evil words and thoughs (12 points)
Certificate – You have gained this certificate for clearing all classic stages (50 points)
Certificate – You have gained this certificate for clearing all time attack stages (100 points)


Numbered minerals fall from the top of the screen and it is your job to take a corresponding element from the bottom of the screen to make sure that the alchemy created adds up to ten. You have numbered one to nine elements in boxes at the bottom of the screen, when a number is moving around on screen you need to select the correct box so that alchemy adds to ten. But be careful throwing the wrong element upwards to create a number different to ten creates rocks that float around and prevent you from creating simple alchemy. Throwing the elements off the sides of the screen before creating alchemy leads to greater scores, so be creative!

The point scoring can be very elaborate but the trick is to create alchemy in a quick time and with plenty of rebounds.


Act fast. It is after all a numbers game where quick addition to ten is the key
Don’t go straight for the mineral if you know there is plenty of time to score rebound points before the next mineral
Avoid creating rocks – this means adding correctly and not trying too extravagant throws
Attempt to break up blocks as quickly as possible on each level, this paves the way for a clear run throughout the remainder of the level

Positives and Negatives


Addictive, yet simple gameplay. Create alchemy by throwing elements from the bottom of the screen to collide with other minerals that descend from the top of the screen and bounce around. It’s that simple.
The lite version is free and better than some of the paid apps on the app store.
There is enough content to warrant further extended play.
Game Center compatibility means that you will keep playing to try and achieve a high score and get on the leaderboard.
Two different modes containing six levels each with each level being slightly different means you get a lot for free.
Each level is just about the right length for an app, lasting from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.
Nice classical music.


Sometimes you know the sum but because the layout is very tight at the bottom you end up throwing the wrong element by accident – this can be frustrating.
Can get fiddly when you’re trying to brush away the rocks that have congregated.
Whilst it is easy to understand what the aim is, the point scoring system can be complex and leave you unsure as to why your scores vary from one attempt to the next.