Does Dressing in Nice Clothes and Jewelery Improve Health?

Health can be considered one of the most important aspects of life and one that affects all areas of life. But does the way a person dress affect their health, and can having nice clothes affect a person’s health?

Well one thing I would say that being in a good state of mind could be seen as important. It has been said that positive thinking can go a long way in helping a person to recover from an illness.

The way a person thinks can have a great effect on the person’s health, and it has been found that if a person thinks that they will recover from an illness they can tend to recover.

There have been many researches which link healthy thinking to good health. So is there a link between having good things like nice clothes, a pleasant environment. Does being surrounded by pleasant things and good things in life help a person’s health.

If a person feels good by having nice clothes then based on what we looked at earlier, then there could be a positive effect on their health. So if having nice clothes can add to improving a person’s state of health, does wearing jewelery also help a person to improve their health? I would not link good health directly to wearing jewelery, but I would say that if wearing it helps to allow a person to have a good feeling of well-being then it is useful.

There have been therapies that involve using jewels to improve health. For example it has been said that some jewels containing magnetic properties are good for healing. Copper has also been associated with healing properties. So it is possible that jewels may have associated healing properties. Also the feeling of well-being could have a positive affect on health.

It has been noted for thousands of years, the idea of having jewels has been an important part of most societies. For some items of jewelery people may spend thousands of pounds to just a few pounds. Jewelery has been associated with many areas of life, for example, marriages are recognised by the wearing of rings. Jewelery has been associated with the beauty industry and many top actors and actresses have been collectors of jewelry.

There is a case that possessing jewelery could give people a feeling of well-being, as the mind is the main area that would appreciate these items.
But the fact that metal and stone may have healing properties does give a strong case that jewels do have an effect on good health. As well as the thought that having jewels could give a person a feeling of well-being leads me to conclude that jewels and jewelery could definitely have a good effect on a person’s health. This could partly be due to the fact that we could possibly create health and healing by right thinking.

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