Demystifying Health, Wealth & Happiness – Writing Your Way To A Radical New Existence

I’m the queen of “Shelf-Help”, those bookcases full of material from seminars, workshops, and the Internet that guarantee your success if you just do ________ [fill in the blank]. Oh, I’ve benefited from most of what I’ve read and listened to. However, I wouldn’t have bought the next best thing if I had found the magic cure in what I’d already purchased. Despite my years of listening to and reading all that wisdom, there has still been something that has held me back in truly having the life those books and CDs lead you to believe you can have.

Recent events in my life have finally begun to reveal what’s been missing. The fact is, the answer to why the law of attraction hadn’t been working for me was so basic, I can’t believe I didn’t see it years ago. It’s not the idea of asking for what you want, or trusting that the universe will always provide—because it does. What has been the missing ingredient is to be prepared to RECEIVE what it is I’m asking for. In the past, I had not created the container to hold what it is I’d been asking for.

I’ll give you an example. About a year ago, I recommended the DVD movie “The Secret” to a friend. A few weeks later, we met for lunch. I had started dating again and she asked what it was I was asking for in a new relationship. “Physically attractive, intellectually stimulating, emotionally available, and spiritually expanding,” I replied. Then I added, “But I just don’t believe that there’s anyone out there who has all of those things.”

“How can you possibly attract what you want when you don’t believe it exists?” she exclaimed. Busted. I was neutralizing all my good thoughts with one statement of disbelief.

How does this look in other areas of life? How many instant millionaires are back to their previous debt level within two years? What about the relationship that seems perfect in the first six months, then slowly deteriorates in the next three? Have you ever asked for an increase in your income revenue, then something or someone seemed to sabotage your results? In each of these cases, it’s because the person receiving what they asked for wasn’t ready for what they got!

How many times have you blocked something from coming into your life because you weren’t ready at that point, even though it was really what you desired? If you are struggling in life, it’s because some fear is keeping you from receiving what you truly deserve and desire. I can guarantee it. You have to be ready to receive what you are asking for.

So, how can you know what’s blocking you? In my experience with my writing clients, one of the most effective ways of uncovering these obstacles is through the writing process. I have seen remarkable, almost miraculous changes in their businesses and personal lives once they were able to identify those blocks.

The writing method I encourage is very simple, yet remarkably effective. It’s journaling with soul. Anyone can do it, and if done with regularity, within two to three months you’ll see shifts in your own business and life. Here’s how to start… just pick up a paper and pen (better than a computer to tap into your creative juices) and start writing in stream of consciousness. Write until you can’t write anymore, and DON’T STOP TO THINK! Just write everything that comes to you.

You’ll be amazed at the jewels that spring up when you write like this. The next step is to take each jewel and write again in stream of consciousness about that idea. Each time you do this, you refine your idea into a theme with critical beliefs. There’s more to the process, but for now, just get started, and Write On!