Create Your Jewel Box Home With Sparkling Feng Shui

Thinking about a jewel box should give you pleasure and make you feel happy. The jewels it contains are a private collection of items that embellish your persona. Your jewels are full of meaning and tell a story of special moments in your life. Thus your jewel box creates life with sparkle and color.

These attributes of a jewel box can be transposed into the living environment of a home. We would like to illustrate how this can be done with a hands-on example of renovating a small house. First we step up onto the “bright hall” of a front porch. A bright hall in feng shui is always a transition area that connects the outdoor with the indoor space of a house.

The front door opens to a narrow hallway that runs the full length of the house all the way to the back wall, thus dividing the house into two halves. We aim to unite the divided space and reduce the feeling of rapid qi through the straight-away of the hall. For guidance we look to the feng shui bagua, the symbolic map that illustrates our life issues. This hallway connects the entry area which relates to the “self, now and career” with the “future and reputation” sector at the far wall. The pathway between the two sectors leads through the “health” area which is always at the center of any given space.

Since the earth element is germane to the health sector of the bagua, we agreed on a strong yellow for a well defined and grounded feeling in the hallway. The earth element is stabilizing and connects family members, thus creating a strong anchor for the passageway through the home. The laundry to the side of the midpoint is not an auspicious feng shui feature because of water drainage. We decided to install bead board as a backsplash, thus introducing the upward verticality of the wood element to counteract the downward energy of water.

Although it may not be the heart space or gathering area of a house, we consider the geometric center of a floor plan to be of vital importance and worthy of special consideration. It is a demarcation point that radiates to all other sectors of the bagua. Following our recommendation, this client found a small chandelier for the center point of the hallway. Sparkling like a jewel, it attracts the gaze for a pause midway along the long stretch toward the distant wall at the end. For this wall we are suggesting a large image of distinct legibility and complimentary to the clients wishes for the future.

Since photography is one of this client’s special talents and skills, we intend to display her favorite pieces to create living centers in all bagua sectors of the home. She will select the finest examples of her photo collection, and we will determine how they will best enhance the feng shui pattern of each room. Color and shape as well as legibility and complexity will matter in creating meaning and wish fulfilling focal points.

Vital energy points for a jewel box home:

• Lighting features for special effects and meaning.
• Focal points with wish fulfilling imagery.
• Sparkle and color to stimulate and activate feng shui bagua sectors.
• Continuity and connectedness to personal endeavors.
• Directional and geometric considerations and adjustments.