Demystifying Health, Wealth & Happiness – Writing Your Way To A Radical New Existence

I’m the queen of “Shelf-Help”, those bookcases full of material from seminars, workshops, and the Internet that guarantee your success if you just do ________ [fill in the blank]. Oh, I’ve benefited from most of what I’ve read and listened to. However, I wouldn’t have bought the next best thing if I had found the magic cure in what I’d already purchased. Despite my years of listening to and reading all that wisdom, there has still been something that has held me back in truly having the life those books and CDs lead you to believe you can have.

Recent events in my life have finally begun to reveal what’s been missing. The fact is, the answer to why the law of attraction hadn’t been working for me was so basic, I can’t believe I didn’t see it years ago. It’s not the idea of asking for what you want, or trusting that the universe will always provide—because it does. What has been the missing ingredient is to be prepared to RECEIVE what it is I’m asking for. In the past, I had not created the container to hold what it is I’d been asking for.

I’ll give you an example. About a year ago, I recommended the DVD movie “The Secret” to a friend. A few weeks later, we met for lunch. I had started dating again and she asked what it was I was asking for in a new relationship. “Physically attractive, intellectually stimulating, emotionally available, and spiritually expanding,” I replied. Then I added, “But I just don’t believe that there’s anyone out there who has all of those things.”

“How can you possibly attract what you want when you don’t believe it exists?” she exclaimed. Busted. I was neutralizing all my good thoughts with one statement of disbelief.

How does this look in other areas of life? How many instant millionaires are back to their previous debt level within two years? What about the relationship that seems perfect in the first six months, then slowly deteriorates in the next three? Have you ever asked for an increase in your income revenue, then something or someone seemed to sabotage your results? In each of these cases, it’s because the person receiving what they asked for wasn’t ready for what they got!

How many times have you blocked something from coming into your life because you weren’t ready at that point, even though it was really what you desired? If you are struggling in life, it’s because some fear is keeping you from receiving what you truly deserve and desire. I can guarantee it. You have to be ready to receive what you are asking for.

So, how can you know what’s blocking you? In my experience with my writing clients, one of the most effective ways of uncovering these obstacles is through the writing process. I have seen remarkable, almost miraculous changes in their businesses and personal lives once they were able to identify those blocks.

The writing method I encourage is very simple, yet remarkably effective. It’s journaling with soul. Anyone can do it, and if done with regularity, within two to three months you’ll see shifts in your own business and life. Here’s how to start… just pick up a paper and pen (better than a computer to tap into your creative juices) and start writing in stream of consciousness. Write until you can’t write anymore, and DON’T STOP TO THINK! Just write everything that comes to you.

You’ll be amazed at the jewels that spring up when you write like this. The next step is to take each jewel and write again in stream of consciousness about that idea. Each time you do this, you refine your idea into a theme with critical beliefs. There’s more to the process, but for now, just get started, and Write On!

Seven Penis Care Mistakes and How They Affect Penile Health

It may come as a surprise to men who think they have their hygiene routine under control, but the wrong approach to penis care can mean unpleasant consequences for the boys downstairs. These common self-care mistakes can leave the manhood sore, throbbing, and prone to chronic skin issues and penile health concerns.

1) Not cleansing often enough. Whether a guy goes a day (or two, or three) without a shower is a matter of personal taste – some men like to be shower-fresh at all times, while others have no objection at all to a bit of a manly aroma. However, when it comes to the penis, skipping the daily wash can lead to itchy, smelly skin that is prone to issues such as acne (from clogged pores) and infection.

2) Neglecting the foreskin. In young boys who are uncircumcised, the foreskin does not always retract fully, and parents are often advised not to pull it back for cleaning in order to avoid damaging the delicate tissue. Because of this, not all men are aware as they get older that they should retract the foreskin gently and clean away any built-up material underneath. This material, known as smegma, consists of dead skin cells, body oils and other fluids that accumulate to form a cheesy paste. Not removing it during a daily wash can lead to swelling and inflammation, a condition known as balanitis that can cause pain and discomfort.

3) Inappropriate personal care products. While cleansing is important, the wrong choice of personal care products can also lead to sore, irritated penis skin. Regular soaps and shower gels are designed to strip away oils and grease; this leaches the natural body oils from the skin and can leave the delicate penile tissue feeling raw, tight and uncomfortable. Cleansers that are designed for sensitive skin are a better choice – men should look for products that are free of dyes and fragrances, as well.

4) Dry masturbation. Masturbation is a healthy and beneficial practice, but without a little forethought, it can also lead to chafing and irritation. A quick, furtive session in the bathroom without the benefit of a lubricant can feel sensational at the time, but dry rubbing can cause long-term damage to the skin and underlying nerve tissue. Men who engage in this practice may notice a significant loss of sensation over time. To avoid this, it is important to always use a personal lubricant – one that is designed for the purpose; grabbing the first slick substance at hand is not generally a good idea, as not all lotions and moisturizers are appropriate for use on the penile skin.

5) Wrong choice of clothing. Clothing that is too restrictive (witness the currently popular “skinny” jeans) can cut off circulation to the penis, leading to a gradual loss of sensation in the area. On the other hand, clothing that is too loose can leave the boys swinging in the breeze, opening them up to potential injury. Even if men tend to go for the low-and-lazy look when it comes to outerwear, choosing underwear that is supportive, but breathable, is the best option for protecting the family jewels.

6) Wrong choice of laundry detergent. Just as the wrong personal care products can cause irritation and itchy, uncomfortable skin, laundry detergents are also frequent culprits when it comes to penile issues. A hypoallergenic detergent may be a better choice for men that have especially sensitive penis skin.

7) Neglecting to moisturize. The penile skin can become dry and dehydrated for numerous reasons. Sweating, rubbing against clothing, friction related to masturbation or sex, insufficient fluid intake Рall of these can lead to skin that is parched, cracked and rough. Dry penis skin can lead to soreness, not to mention an unpleasant appearance; and dry skin is less responsive to pleasurable sensation. A high-end emollient such as Shea butter, accompanied by vitamin E to lock in moisture, can soothe roughened skin and restore its smooth and youthful appearance. A penis health cr̬me (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can be a better choice than ordinary body moisturizers, as these products often contain fragrances and other additives that are too harsh for the delicate penile skin.

Making Moves Toward Better Men’s Health

If being an North American male were a paid profession, most of us might think twice about applying for the job. Consider these statistics:

  • Men usually die eight years earlier than women (68.6 years versus 76.4).
  • Men are three times more likely than women to suffer heart attacks before age 65.
  • Men are 30 percent more likely to suffer a stroke during our lifetimes than women.
  • Men commit suicide five times more often.

But the good news is that men are beginning to change the way we live, taking better care of ourselves and generally re-examining what we want out of life. There’s no better time than the present to think about taking a few steps toward better health.

Strive For Five

According to the National Cancer Institute, men who eat five servings a day of fruits and vegetables have a 70 percent lower risk of digestive tract cancers. The solution? Never eat a meal that doesn’t contain a fruit or vegetable. It doesn’t have to be a big deal–some fruit on your cereal and orange juice at breakfast, lettuce and tomato on your sandwich at lunch, that famous apple a day, a salad with dinner. Click for more information on cancer-fighting foods.

Check The Jewels

Testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men between the ages of 15 and 40. Check yourself for it once a month with a testicular self-exam. Soap up in a shower to soften the scrotum, then take a testicle between your thumb and forefinger and roll it gently. Your testicle should feel smooth and oval, like a miniature soft-boiled egg (minus the shell, of course). Any lump or irregularity should prompt an immediate call to the doctor.

Limit Fat And Cholesterol

One-third of all cancer deaths might have been prevented through dietary changes, according to the National Men’s Health Foundation, and fat and cholesterol are the biggest culprits. Start with the small stuff: Cut back on the amount of butter, sour cream and cheese you eat. Try switching to a low-fat milk or move from 2 percent to 1 percent. Introduce more fish into your diet and eat your chicken without the skin. For more information on reducing cholesterol levels, click here.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

If someone told you that there’s a new drug that could improve the function of your heart, brain and lungs, while lowering your risk of cancer, controlling your weight and enhancing your mental health, you’d be clamoring to get your hands on some. Exercise offers the same benefits. Any exercise is better than none, but the American College of Sports Medicine recommends at least three 30-minute sessions a week, during which time your heart revs to between 60 percent and 80 percent of its maximum rate. Your maximum heart rate is determined by subtracting your age from 220. If you’re just starting up, stick with low-intensity activities like walking, bicycling or swimming.

Give Your Eyes A Break

You spend a lot of time in front of a computer (like now, for instance). To minimize eyestrain, headaches and blurred vision, make sure your monitor is 20-30 inches away, at or slightly below eye level, with your keyboard directly facing the screen. Every 10 minutes look up and focus on an object at least 10 feet away for a few seconds. Then get back to work.

Wear Sunscreen

Skin-cancer rates have jumped 162 percent in the past 20 years, and men get the disease nearly three times as often as women do. The good news is that skin cancer is one of the most preventable forms of cancer. Slather on the sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 15 to block ultraviolet A and B rays), even on cloudy days.

Does Dressing in Nice Clothes and Jewelery Improve Health?

Health can be considered one of the most important aspects of life and one that affects all areas of life. But does the way a person dress affect their health, and can having nice clothes affect a person’s health?

Well one thing I would say that being in a good state of mind could be seen as important. It has been said that positive thinking can go a long way in helping a person to recover from an illness.

The way a person thinks can have a great effect on the person’s health, and it has been found that if a person thinks that they will recover from an illness they can tend to recover.

There have been many researches which link healthy thinking to good health. So is there a link between having good things like nice clothes, a pleasant environment. Does being surrounded by pleasant things and good things in life help a person’s health.

If a person feels good by having nice clothes then based on what we looked at earlier, then there could be a positive effect on their health. So if having nice clothes can add to improving a person’s state of health, does wearing jewelery also help a person to improve their health? I would not link good health directly to wearing jewelery, but I would say that if wearing it helps to allow a person to have a good feeling of well-being then it is useful.

There have been therapies that involve using jewels to improve health. For example it has been said that some jewels containing magnetic properties are good for healing. Copper has also been associated with healing properties. So it is possible that jewels may have associated healing properties. Also the feeling of well-being could have a positive affect on health.

It has been noted for thousands of years, the idea of having jewels has been an important part of most societies. For some items of jewelery people may spend thousands of pounds to just a few pounds. Jewelery has been associated with many areas of life, for example, marriages are recognised by the wearing of rings. Jewelery has been associated with the beauty industry and many top actors and actresses have been collectors of jewelry.

There is a case that possessing jewelery could give people a feeling of well-being, as the mind is the main area that would appreciate these items.
But the fact that metal and stone may have healing properties does give a strong case that jewels do have an effect on good health. As well as the thought that having jewels could give a person a feeling of well-being leads me to conclude that jewels and jewelery could definitely have a good effect on a person’s health. This could partly be due to the fact that we could possibly create health and healing by right thinking.

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