Belly Dancing – Origin, Health Benefits and Costume Styles

Belly Dancing has been around for centuries, but it is not for sure, as to where it originated. It still remains a mystery regarding the origin of Belly Dance but according to many beliefs it started amongst the Arab and African nations. Originally it was known as Oriental Dance. In Arabic it is known as raqs sharqi which is translated as dance of the east or dance of the orient. However, the roots of its origin traces back to various places such as the African tribes, Greek temple priestesses, Incas of South America as well as the Egyptian Pharaohs. As- of- now it has a global presence and is being performed throughout the world. It is being widely being shown in pop culture music as well as in performance shows in Vegas and other cities. Even though there are various forms of dances dating back to the ancient times, but belly dancing is regarded as one of the oldest and is considered more as a work of art than a dance.

Health Benefits
Lots of people around the world, who are new to this form of dancing like to know, is there are any sort of health benefits in belly dancing. The answer to this question is, any type of physical exercise, be it in the form of dancing, workout or training is bound to have some sort of health benefits. According to the experts, it provides a great deal of both physical and mental relief. By doing the basic belly dance steps, your body gets a good cardio-vascular workout, due to which your muscles get strengthened and the overall flexibility of your body increases. It is not only good for the young people, but also for the old as well. However, if you intend to start it, you must first consult a doctor. There are various types of belly dances and which form will be best suited for you can be known from your instructor. When it comes to the mental health benefits associated with it, it helps in improving the sense of well being, keeps the body in shape which in itself one of the best mental booster and helps in creating a positive outlook.

Different Styles of Costumes
There are many different styles of belly dance costumes available on the market. Each of these costumes is considered to be a part of the fun associated with it. The modern cabaret style costume is regarded as the most widely used and featured style. It consists of numerous variations such as a skirt fitted on the hip and running down till the floor, a hip belt as well as a bra top featuring some sort of decorations or jewels. Another popular style is the Tribal Belly Dance costume featuring various layers of heavy ethnic material as well as similar style of jewelry for providing a cultural or Gypsy appearance. For the beginners, there are simple styles of costumes that can be worn during practice but they also feature the Middle Eastern folkloric elements for providing an authentic look. These are only a few of them, if you want to know more about the various styles of costumes, consider using the internet as well as visit specialized stores having a vast collection of such types of garments.

Alkalizing Can Lead to Better Health, But It’s Not Enough – You Need an Abundance of Antioxidants

Many people who are striving for better health think that just becoming more alkaline will net them great results. It can help, but an abundance of antioxidants goes even further to help you achieve your desired wellness goals. Properly hydrate and detoxify your body, add some extra oxygen to the mix, and you have all the components needed to achieve your wellness goals.

If you eat more fresh, raw organic vegetables every day, and eliminate processed foods, sugar and other acidic foods, you may raise your body’s pH level, but to reverse the effects of aging, have more energy and reap the rewards of healing, you need to do more than raise your pH. These foods contain nutrients such as protein, calcium, iron, and many antioxidants. They are also foods that are very Alkalizing. But for truly better health, you must have an abundance of alkaline minerals and an abundance of anti-oxidants, not just some, but a lot.

You can get some these health promoting jewels by eating the right diet, but you will have to eat plates full of raw veggies several times a day, add some supplements and you will still fall short. Food from your grocery store is not fresh from the garden or field and is full of preservatives and pesticides, which is just more acid, and more toxic to your body.

If you are extremely disciplined and eat a strictly alkaline diet, get rid of the preservatives and clean off the pesticides and chemicals, your body can heal itself from disease. However, better health can take a long time and healing may never happen. Most people can’t or don’t want to adhere to such a strict diet, and are so acidic already, that they are just not able to fully absorb enough nutrients in food or properly absorb and assimilate the nutrients in supplements. Therefore, getting the amount of antioxidants you need can be a daunting task.

So what is a person to do? Begin by changing what you drink. Your body is over 70% water so that fluid floating around inside you needs to be free of debris and junk- like clean oil is to an engine. When your car has dirty oil, it is very difficult for the engine to pump it. Eventually, if you don’t change the oil it gets so thick that it clogs up the engine and the car breaks down. So it is with your body. There is no way your body can properly process nutrients when the fluid that carries them to your blood is full of debris (acid). That is why people get sick and diseased- that is why bodies break down.

Water is a natural solvent, but getting it from a bottle or your tap won’t do the health and healing job. You need one that is alkaline, super-hydrating, detoxifying and contains an abundance of antioxidants and oxygen. Getting all of these components by doing something you do anyway is the easiest and best chance for wellness. Many have experienced tremendous health benefits just by changing what they drink.

Penis Health Essentials – Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Penis Skin

While it is commonly assumed that men spend little time thinking about skin care in general, and penis care in particular, a glance at the men’s health forums will quickly make it clear that this actually untrue. Men care a great deal about the condition of their penis, both in terms of function and appearance, and penis skin health is certainly on most men’s radar – with good reason.

The skin is one of the most important organs, and the way it looks and feels says a lot about a man’s health and ability to perform. The role of the penis skin is described here, as well as some tips for preventing problems and maintaining a healthy penis.

The skin – the body’s first line of defense

The saying goes that beauty is only skin deep, but in reality, the skin is more than just attractive packaging. It is the body’s first line of defense against outside invaders such as bacteria that can cause illness and even damage internal organs. The skin also regulates body temperature, and it is traced with an intricate network of nerves that are responsible for detecting pressure, heat and cold – a function which helps protect the penis and let its owner know when something is wrong. Perhaps most importantly, it works with the nerves to deliver pleasurable sensations to the brain, letting it know when an erection is needed and allowing men to enjoy sex.

Penis skin care Do’s and Don’ts

Given the importance of the penis skin, caring for it properly should be a number one priority. Neglecting penis health can increase the risk for infection, injury and loss of function, not to mention an unattractive appearance. The following “Do’s and Don’ts” describe some of the most important aspects of looking after the family jewels.

DO: Wash every day

Even men who are diligent about their hygiene can experience problems with unpleasant odors from the undercarriage, and letting days go by without a shower or at least a wipe with a washcloth can result in a buildup of dead skin cells, oils and other excretions that serve as an open invitation for bacteria. Failing to clean the area can lead not only to the signature fishy smell of the penis, but also to irritation, pain, itching and swelling.

DON’T: Use ordinary soap

While a daily wash is essential, using regular soaps can actually cause drying and cracking of the skin, leaving plenty of openings for unfriendly bacteria to penetrate and wreak their havoc. A mild cleanser intended for delicate, sensitive skin is a better bet when it comes to male hygiene.

DO: Eat right

The diet affects the body in a multitude of ways. When it comes to the penis, getting the right nutrients can make all the difference in the look and feel of the skin, as well as the condition of the underlying tissue. A healthy sex life depends greatly on eating healthy, including lots of whole grains, lean proteins, fruits and vegetables and heart-healthy fats.

DON’T: Smoke

Everyone knows that smoking is unhealthy, but it is worth drilling this point home when it comes to the health and well-being of the male anatomy. Smoking damages the nerves, blood vessels, and skin, leaving men less sensitive and less able to perform. In addition, smoking tobacco saps the energy, leaving men with little in the way of stamina even if they can get it up.

DO: Use a penis health creme.

Ordinary moisturizers and oils may help to keep the skin hydrated and prevent dry, cracked, irritated skin. However, most do not contain a comprehensive set of ingredients necessary for penis skin health. In addition, many body lotions contain fragrances and other chemicals that are intended to make them more pleasant, yet can actually cause irritation Using a penis health creme (most health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing vitamins that target penis health can help to ensure that these nutrients are delivered right where they are needed, without leaving a greasy residue or heavy, un-manly perfumes.

Create Your Jewel Box Home With Sparkling Feng Shui

Thinking about a jewel box should give you pleasure and make you feel happy. The jewels it contains are a private collection of items that embellish your persona. Your jewels are full of meaning and tell a story of special moments in your life. Thus your jewel box creates life with sparkle and color.

These attributes of a jewel box can be transposed into the living environment of a home. We would like to illustrate how this can be done with a hands-on example of renovating a small house. First we step up onto the “bright hall” of a front porch. A bright hall in feng shui is always a transition area that connects the outdoor with the indoor space of a house.

The front door opens to a narrow hallway that runs the full length of the house all the way to the back wall, thus dividing the house into two halves. We aim to unite the divided space and reduce the feeling of rapid qi through the straight-away of the hall. For guidance we look to the feng shui bagua, the symbolic map that illustrates our life issues. This hallway connects the entry area which relates to the “self, now and career” with the “future and reputation” sector at the far wall. The pathway between the two sectors leads through the “health” area which is always at the center of any given space.

Since the earth element is germane to the health sector of the bagua, we agreed on a strong yellow for a well defined and grounded feeling in the hallway. The earth element is stabilizing and connects family members, thus creating a strong anchor for the passageway through the home. The laundry to the side of the midpoint is not an auspicious feng shui feature because of water drainage. We decided to install bead board as a backsplash, thus introducing the upward verticality of the wood element to counteract the downward energy of water.

Although it may not be the heart space or gathering area of a house, we consider the geometric center of a floor plan to be of vital importance and worthy of special consideration. It is a demarcation point that radiates to all other sectors of the bagua. Following our recommendation, this client found a small chandelier for the center point of the hallway. Sparkling like a jewel, it attracts the gaze for a pause midway along the long stretch toward the distant wall at the end. For this wall we are suggesting a large image of distinct legibility and complimentary to the clients wishes for the future.

Since photography is one of this client’s special talents and skills, we intend to display her favorite pieces to create living centers in all bagua sectors of the home. She will select the finest examples of her photo collection, and we will determine how they will best enhance the feng shui pattern of each room. Color and shape as well as legibility and complexity will matter in creating meaning and wish fulfilling focal points.

Vital energy points for a jewel box home:

• Lighting features for special effects and meaning.
• Focal points with wish fulfilling imagery.
• Sparkle and color to stimulate and activate feng shui bagua sectors.
• Continuity and connectedness to personal endeavors.
• Directional and geometric considerations and adjustments.