Never Allow Worship to Become a Lost Jewel in the Church of Jesus Christ or Even in Your Own Life!

Over these past two months I have spent a time of reading and research on the theme of Worship and it has been so enlightening and exceedingly enriching.

Worship is the heart and core and centre of the Church of Jesus Christ. Worship must never become the missing jewel in the Church of Jesus Christ, and yet I am told that is various places the place of worship has not remained a priority.

Worship is so vitally important and by worship we mean the worship of Almighty God – God the Father, and God Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Allow me to explain and elaborate.

We worship God because we value Almighty God more than anything else in this whole world.

When all else is gone, our gracious God, our Creator God, our risen and living Saviour will still be there, and will be there for us.

When reading and re-reading Romans Chapter 11 and at verse 33, we are given an insight regarding that degree of amazement and wonder which are the natural response and reaction as we contemplate and think about our gracious loving God.

This is where I have that longing to speak and teach to more and more people on the crucial aspect of genuine sincere worship.

John tells us in the Gospel he penned, and of course also in the book of Revelation that Jesus Christ is worthy because He takes away the sin of the world, and Jesus was there at Creation, and Jesus is Saviour, and Jesus is coming again. These scriptural sentences are packed with meaning and relevance and they are so inspirational and motivational.

We worship God because of His goodness, and that can involve, praise, thanksgiving, blessing, service, or even lament. It is not often we hear much said about that last category which is so very real particularly in the Psalms.

We read in Romans Chapter 12 in the opening words of how we offer our whole selves to God.

The Psalmist offered his whole being to God and Psalm 35 verses 9 and 10 express that truth and reality with clarity and certainty. Jesus told us that we should love the Lord our God with all heart and with all our soul and with all our mind, and that we should love our neighbour as our self. This is where we need to note the order. There are priorities. Again, that is something which can be overlooked in various areas of what is called ‘the church’. Never overlook the vital centrality of worship.

One aspect of sin is a failure to worship, and again that becomes clear when we turn again to Romans and to Chapter 1 and verses 21 and 25.

Because of Jesus Christ, and because of the Holy Spirit, and because of the Word of God, we know God to be kind, forgiving, comforting, compassionate and gracious.

In one of the parables Jesus told, that wicked servant saw God as a hard harsh greedy man. His picture of God was so wrong.

Worship depends greatly upon how we see God and value God. A wrong concept of God or wrong thinking about God can lead us to wrong conclusions about Him.

One thing we see in the life of the people of God particularly in the New Testament is that they trusted God, but of course, they had experienced God in a new and dynamic way, through Jesus Christ.

Disciples of Jesus today suffer persecution from those who do not know God the Father of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. Why? Some people do not like a light to shine in their darkness and that is why they try to extinguish the light.

When Paul was in Athens he met people who did not know God and they were in darkness and Paul was going to enlighten them. We read of that in Acts Chapter 17.

Do check out this whole area of worship and as God prompts you and nudges you never be ashamed nor embarrassed to come before Him in praise and worship and adoration.

Defeat The Urge To Overeat And Gain Control – Three Golden Jewels

Defeat overeating (3 Golden Jewels)

The average American is urged to eat at least three times a day which most people accomplish and then some, The truth be told most people in America are consummate overeaters.
The urge to eat of course is with us from the beginning of existence as it is necessary for survival. While living in such a decadent society that urge is fed constantly, and easily gets out of control. Most people in America are extremely over weight, now of course overeating and obesity is not restricted to America however compared to other nations America takes the cake(no pun intended). There are many different reasons why people overeat the major one being unable to control the urge to eat triggered by virtually anything from boredom to excitement. In this article I will discuss three ways to gain control over the urge and defeat overeating, lose weight and get your life back.

Change your thinking

Every physical act that we commit has a thought basis, what that means is that we all have a choice as to what we will or will not do unfortunately most of us behave impulsively, and go with the first thing that comes to our minds. The way that you think determines your decisions good or otherwise. You must decide what kind of person you are going to be are you going to continue to be a compulsive eater or are you going to be in control of your eating habits, and your life. There are several different ways that you can go about this you can purchase literature, audio tapes, video tapes, or you could research local programs that are committed to helping people lose weight and control their eating habits. All of the aforementioned methods can support you in your new way of thinking however nothing works quite like live support, having someone that you can learn from that has already made the transition from compulsive to controlled can be the difference between success, and failure. It is your life and you can change your current reality if you change the way you view life! Change your thinking and you current reality.


Fasting is a great way to break the eating routine, and also a super way to cleanse the body of impurities. The act of fasting has been around from the beginning of the civilized man, and can be referenced in almost every religious doctrine. There are various books that attest to the life saving qualities of fasting. Fasting allows for the body to be readjusted to accept a new routine of eating. When you fast the body is denied the usual satisfaction of the urge to eat, and as the body is like the child, and the head like the parent when you enforce the rules the child will obey. Of course this is not accomplished with out sincere efforts, and a desire to be in control. The food that we consume goes through a process called digestion where the nutrients are extracted and the waste is routed for expulsion from the body. The process takes time, and as we continuously eat throughout the day we pile waste in our bodies before it can cleanse it self of the waste from previous meals leading to poor health. It is recommended that when you first begin to fast that you start with a one day liquid fast, and then progress to a fast for several days consisting of liquids like water and coffee without the sugar there are people so disciplined in the area of fasting that they only eat once a week. There are great books on fasting that go into more details you can pick one up at your local public library or purchase one from your local bookstore.


I know,I know nobody likes to hear the “E” word, but lets face it if you want to keep the weight off you have to work out. There are many exercise routines that are simple yet effective, and can be done in thirty minutes only three times a week. Exercising not only checks your weight but it also increases your appearance which leads to great self confidence, and better health. In the beginning you are going to go through pains of waking up muscles that you havn’t used in a very long time but it is the same with everything that we do that brings great rewards, and the pain does not last for long “No pain No gain”. There are great work out videos, great work out programs at fitness centers or you can invest in a trainer to find the best work out routine for you.


There is an old saying that “if you want something you’ve never had before you have to do something that you’ve never done before”. There is a winner within all of us it is up to you encourage the winner in yourself and rise to the TOP! Much success on your journey to better health and God Bless!

A Closer Look at Your Nails and Health

Most people never really bother to look at their nails that closely: some would just settle on painting them over with vibrant colors, then maybe adding jewels and such. As you read the title of this article, you may be wondering what your nails have to do with your health, when all they do is grow longer in each passing day. However, if you take a careful look at your nails, you may notice slight variations in appearance: a rosy shade here, a little bit of white there, or maybe some bumps and rippling in the surface. These may look nothing much to you-everyone has his or her own imperfections, even in the pettiest facets such as the nails-but they actually provide a lot of helpful clues about your health and well-being to the trained, professional eye. Some warning signs about your present health condition can only be seen in your nails, so you should try looking more carefully from now on.

Even the slightest changes in your nails can be a sign of a fungus infection or a systemic disease like anemia or lupus. Anemic people are easily guessed by just looking at their nails; they have distinguished pale, whitish nail beds that indicate a low count of red blood cells. Iron deficiency can also cause nail beds to appear concave and thinner, and have distinct raised ridges. Even heart disease can affect your nails, and give them a reddish appearance. Psychological conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder can be guessed by looking at the nails: people with OCD often have habits like nail-biting and picking. Thyroid diseases can show up in your nails by causing them to become dry and brittle that can easily crack and split. Needless to say, many little clues to what is going on inside your body are offered by your nails.

Here is a rundown on eight common possible signs of serious conditions that your nails say (other than those mentioned above): One, yellowish nails that do not grow as fast as normal may indicate lung diseases like emphysema. Two, nails that are whitish in appearance can be associated with liver diseases such as hepatitis. Three, nails that are half-pink and half-white in color can indicate a range of kidney diseases. Four, ridges and rippling in the nail surface may be associated to inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis. Five, dark lines appearing beneath your nails can be a sign of melanoma. Six, yellowish nails with a subtle red tint at the base is a common characteristic of diabetic people. Seven, patients with connective tissue disease may have irregular reddish lines appearing at the base of their nail folds. Lastly, people with lung disease may suffer from clubbing or the painless increase of tissue on the ends of the fingers.

Since your nails offer a lot of valuable information about any present condition you are suffering from, you have to give some attention to them as well. Take a good look at your nails before putting on the nail polish of your choice, and maybe it can benefit you more than you think it will ever would.

Marbella Spa and Health Resort

Costa del Sol is a booming health- tourism center. The region has two gorgeous resorts from the last century which were the forerunner to the eclectic range of Marbella spa and wellness centers. The presence of the hot springs resulted in health tourism boom today. The place has both traditional centers and the most modern and comfortable setting.

An excellent combination of both health and tourism made the place an alluring formula. The rest and the physical well-being of the powerful spas and the exotic beaches makes it possible to deal with anxiety, fatigue and other problems caused by the busy city life.

The spa here is no longer a place for only the elderly people; it is frequented by people of different ages. They offer wonderful combination of health treatments and leisure, fun and recreation. In most cases, Marbella Accommodation comes equipped with spa facilities, so you can get the highly specialized services within reach.

The place is an iconic beach resort with sun kissed shores in Spain. Once popular as the vacation of spot for the classes, is now popular among masses as well. It is the jewel of the small stretch of the Spanish coastline. The exotic location of the city is makes it perfect to explore the Coastline. The Tolox spa, one of the oldest spas opened in 1869. It is located between the Sierra de las Nieves to the west and the municipalities of Istan and Monda in the south. This town is about 48 km from Marbella.

The other Spa is Buchinger Clinic, which has about two dozen health treatments along with other cosmetic services. The Byblos Andaluz Hotel (Mijas-Costa) and Melia Costa del Sol (Torremolinos), are places, which are also centers of hydrotherapy and Thalassotherapy. The hotel Incosol, provides several treatments with a wide range of services that can improve your physical condition. The Marbella Health Clinic, situated around Benahavis, has similar services.

Other than the traditional and natural methods that are followed in the Spas, convenience like sauna, Jacuzzi, heated pools, gym and massages are offered in the Marbella Accommodation. In case if you are thinking about a health holiday, it is advisable that you put up at one of this accommodation directly. Consider a day-trip when you contemplate to visit the two last-century spas Tolox and Carratraca.

This location has beautiful road and transport system that lead you to almost everywhere. The old country feel, picturesque hills and valleys along with the exotic beaches, it is a perfect place for a wellness holiday. To receive wellness treatment along with pleasure you can opt for short trips and combine with short walk along the village among the cradle of nature and the reviving hot springs.

Car hire facility is also available from the Malaga airport. The car hire gives you the freedom to explore the hidden corners of the city. Marbella accommodation and car hire makes your stay at extremely easy and comfortable.